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women's health screening also available with your Gynecologist

So you have hit a certain milestone in life and realise that health should not be taken for granted. Is a full body checkup for you, especially when you feel you are rather healthy compared to some of your friends who have contracted certain ailments ? The answer is a 100% yes ! All men and women reaching a certain age should at least have a health screening done even when they feel they are completely fine. So you are on the right track.

If you are female, studies show that you are more open to a health check up. This might mean a complete health screen or a visit to your regular gynecologist for at least a pap smear or mammogram. The men are tougher to crack. Sometimes they have to be dragged to the doctor's clinic. Many employers have made a full medical for every body annually as part of their benefits package.

If you do not reside in Singapore and need a health screening done, make sure that you email or call to find out the exact components of the screening package. Be specific in your requests and get as much material as you can before you make the trip. Ask for the cost breakdown and any other miscellaneous costs that might be incurred. Get an idea of how long the tests will take and when you can get your reports to access if you need any medical treatment after the health check. Be aware that the cheapest is not necessarily the most cost effective. Screening packages may be priced according to test components and the prices may also reflect the quality of the laboratory services used.

Packages at Hospitals & Clinics

NTUC Health Screening

Health Screening information and plans from Singapore's largest health and medical insurer. NTUC is not a hospital not a medical center. It is an insurance company. What it does is to to refer you to its panel of clinics to get your health screening done.

Asia Health Partners
Asia Health Partners is a health screening clinic located at Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road. You can click its website link to see the different health screening packages available. It is not part of a hospital so you may be referred to other specialists for treatment if there is a need. Lucky Plaza is located next to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, making it convenient to access for visitors to Singapore.

Raffles Health Screening
Raffles Hospital offers 2 different health screening packages with prices to suit premium and essential screening. Raffles Hospital is a privately run hospital in the city area. It is a popular health screening center as it houses specialists from many specialties and does many of the screening tests in-house within a single building. If you are new to Singapore, it would be a good place to get your check-up. Once you have your screening results, you are free to seek medical advice or treatment within Raffles or at any other hospital in Singapore.

MHC Health & Wellness
MHC Asia's health screening clinic is located at Amara Hotel in the central business district. It is a convenient place for working adults to take a couple of hours off from work and get themselves a thorough check up without leaving town.

TTSH - Health Screening Packages
Tan Tock Seng Hospital's packages range from $200+ to $900+ screening test include full blood count, cholesterol, kidney and liver function, x-ray, urine and stool analysis. TTSH is a public hospital. If you are not a Singapore resident, you may find it more difficult to book a health check up appointment compared to a private hospital. Most public hospitals have heavy patient loads and appointment dates may not be as prompt as you like due to the number of days you are staying in Singapore. More TTSH Health Screening Packages

- SATA Health Screening Information
The Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association or SATA has a few health screening centers in residential estates around Singapore. While it does not have hospital facilities, it does provide basic health screening packages at affordable mass-market prices for everyone. SATA health screening packages are popular with local companies that provide yearly medical check up benefits for their employees. If you are an employer, you may contact to SATA to customise a health screening package specific to your company's needs and budget.

- Changi General Hospital Health Screening Packages
. . . More CGH Health Screening Packages

- Mount Alvernia Health Screening

- Healthway Medical Health Screening Packages

- DaySpring Medical Group - Health Screeners

- City Health - Health Screening Packages

- Raffles Health Screening Essential & Enhanced Packages

NUH Wellness Centre Screening Packages

- SingHealth Workplace Health Screening

- Compass Medical Group

- Eastern Community Health Outreach Screening Sessions


Read more about common health tests perform in many health screening packages. In Singapore, the Health Promotion Board HPB conducts regular health screening events such as one in this health screening for the community made affordable through subsidies.

- Preventative health screening information from CDC
- Health checks for 30 - 64
- Heart health screening for cardiovascular diseases
- Harvard Health - PSA Protate Specific Antigen test
- Prostate cancer screening - Johns Hopskins
- Prevention guideline for women health screening
- Health screening for older women
- Yale Medical - Cancer screening for women
- Breast cancer screening
- NHS Breast Cancer Research
- Hepatitis Screening
- Lipids and cholesterol screening test .

Common Questions About Health Screening

Why go for health check up at a clinic ? I feel healthy and I do not think there is anything seriously wrong with my health.
A. Watch this Youtube heath screening video for more information.

Q. Why are there different packages like Executive, Seniors, Female, Pre-Marital etc ? And why are some much cheaper in price than others?
A. Different packages have been put together to best suit people of different age groups and budgets. Some organisations offer free health screening but are limited in the variety of tests done. The more expensive ones tend to include many more tests which add to the overall cost. Rather than look for the cheapest health screening package, you should be looking at the one that suits your health condition best.

Q. Are there different types of health screening for men and women ?
A. Yes. Health Screening for Men . Health Screening for Women .

Health Screening Providers

Health screening is different at different hospitals and clinics. Healthcare providers usually assemble a few different packages to suit your age and budget. Some of the screening tests are listed below.

* Body Fat Measurement and Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Complete Haematological Parameters (CBC)
* Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
* Liver Function Test
* Kidney Function Test
* Blood Glucose
* Lipid/Cholesterol Profile
* Gout/Uric Acid
* Thyroid Screen
* Bone Mineral Status (Calcium and Phosphate)
* Immunology:
--- Rheumatoid Factor
--- Anti-DS DNA Antibody
--- Anti-Nuclear Antibody
* Cardiac Risk:
--- Homocysteine
--- Apolipoprotein A&B
--- HS CRP
--- Lipoprotein A
* Hepatitis A Screening
* Hepatitis B Screening
* Hepatitis C Screening
* HIV Screening
* Venereal Disease (VDRL/TPHA)
* Tumour Marker - Liver
* Tumour Marker - Colon
* Tumour Marker - Intestine
* Tumour Marker - Lung
* Tumour Marker - Nose
* Tumour Marker –Prostate (Men)
* Tumour Marker - Breasts (Women)
* Pap Smear(Women)
* Urinalysis
* Urine Microalbumin (qualitative/quantitative)
* Stool Occult Blood
* Chest X-Ray
* Ultrasound Pelvis / Prostate
* Ultrasound Abdomen
* Bone Densitometry

* CT Coronary Angiogram
* CT Abdomen
* CT Pelvis * MRI Brain / MRA Brain
* MRI Cervical Spine
* MRI Lumbar Spine
* MRI Prostate
* 12 Leads Resting Electrocardiogram (ECG)
* Treadmill Stress Echo
* Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
* Spirometry (Lung Function Assessment)
* Tonometry (Glaucoma Screen)
* Audiometry (Hearing Test)
* Nasoscopy (Nose Cancer Screen)
* Retinophotography (Diabetic Eye Test)