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Cardiologists or heart specialists for consultation and treatment of coronary heart diseases, angina, arrhythmia, palpitations, chest pain . Most of the best cardiologists in Singapore have their practices in the top hospitals such as Mt Elizabeth and Gleneagles. There are also cardiologists in NUH and the National Heart Centre of SGH.

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Dr Y S Lau
Y S Lay Cardiology Clinic
820 Thomson Road #03-15
Mt Avernia Hospital
Singapore, 574623
Tel. 6251 2500

Dr K H Mak
Kh Mak Heart Clinic
Gleneagles Medical Centre,
6 Napier Road, #08-13
Singapore 258499
Tel. 6476 0880

Dr Peter Yan
6 Napier Road #04-09
Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore 258499

Dr Tan Yong Seng
Tan Yong Seng Heart Lung & Vascular Surgery
3 Mount Elizabeth #13-05
Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre
Singapore 228510
Tel. 6235 2522

Dr Bernard Kwok
Mount Elizabeth Centre #16-10
3 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228510

Dr Charles Chan
6 Napier Road #02-02
Gleneagles Medical Centre
Signapore 258499
Tel. 6720 6688